The construction of new rail tracks and workshops was practically non-existing until the beginning of the 80’s of the last century. In the last two decades however the demand for such services has increased significantly. Furthermore the construction of new locomotives, multiple units and wagons has accelerated in the last couple of years. In all this business segments we support our clients with engineering consulting services, during the conception phase as well as in the implementation phase. In the case of new rolling stock the area of application has to be taken into account, which critically influences the marketable units and the profitability of the product batch. In case of infrastructure projects national and international parameters have to be obeyed, like the interoperability directives of the EU.

Selected references:

Railway undertaking, Israel

Strategic site selections and definition of maintenance service offerings of depots to be constructed shortly due to an increasing number of rolling stock.

Local light rail manufacturer, Germany

Support during the conception phase and marketing phase of a new light rail vehicle for small and medium sized operators.

Urban transport provider, United Arab Emirates

Planning of stations and electronic equipment of a new light rail system.

High speed authority, Taiwan

Planning of maintenance facilities for high speed train sets.