The modification and upgrading of existing assets, e.g. like maintenance facilities, rolling stock or terminals, requires Know-How in various engineering and technical areas. Besides the technical planning and implementation, which has to satisfy highest quality standards, we ensure that processes and procedures can be optimised based on the modification and upgrading activities. As most of the assets have an expected useful life of more than a decade, future developments and requirements have to be taken into account in the modification and upgrading planning phase.

Selected references:

Railway undertaking, Azerbaijan

Extension and refurbishing of the existing maintenance facilities in order to cope with the increased maintenance necessity of old rolling stock together with increasing transport volumes.

Maintenance workshop, Austria

Designing of a cost-effective modification of the existing workshop in order to significantly increase the through-put.

Terminal, Germany (multiple projects)

Definition of technical requirements concerning the modification and extension of bi- and trimodal terminals.

Consignors, Germany (multiple projects)

Infrastructure and operation planning related to the adaptation and extension of side lines.