A variety of different timetabling software is available on the market, each with specific advantages and shortcomings. As a user of various software solutions, especially with focus on timetable simulations and vehicle turn round and operational optimisation, commonly linked to infrastructure projects, we can recommend and apply the most appropriate software. Our simulations are all based on the requirements of UIC 406 method concerning capacity calculations.

Selected references:

Railway undertaking, Israel

Timetable simulation for the newly built railway line Tel Aviv – Jerusalem.

Rail vehicle manufacturer, Europe

Simulation of energy consumption subject to various dispatching methodologies and driver behaviour.

Railway undertaking and infrastructure manager, Romania

Simulation of an integrated cyclic timetable including optimisation of vehicle efficiency after completion of the upgrade of the corridor Bucharest – Constanta.

Local transport network, Germany

Definition of infrastructure adaptation requirements in order to achieve reasonable transit times at interchanges.