The development of software solutions has a substantial share in streamlining and accelerating processes. Despite the fact the various software solutions for rail-bound transport exist, we quite often encounter problems or requirements, which cannot be solved with standard applications. The market of rail operation software is well developed in some areas, whereas as an example operational cost simulations or maintenance optimisation programmes are not yet satisfactorily available. In such cases we support our client in developing their own solutions or customizing existing software.

Selected references:

Refinery, Romania

Software development aiming to completely manage and integrate all logistic processes (e.g. entry and exit control of rail tank cars, automatic production of all necessary documents, integration of production and loading procedures, etc.).

In-house development, Europe

Development of a cost calculation simulation for easy and complete cost calculations for rail transport and transhipment facilities.

Light rail operator, Germany

Software managing and optimising processes in a light rail depot (e.g. recording of fill level of rolling stock, cleaning planning, efficient positioning of vehicles in the depot, etc.).

Local transport operators, Germany

Development of a peripheral workshop information and maintenance system (e.g. spare part management, allocation of work places, prioritisation of activities, etc.).