Rolling stock, mostly passenger and freight wagons, multiple units, locomotives and special carriages, are the main means of production for railway undertakings. In order to assess the possible opportunities and risks associated with the high investment and fixed costs, we appraise the financial and operational characteristics of the particular type of rolling stock. Furthermore leasing companies and financial institutions require an evaluation of the technical condition of rolling stock, as well as a forecast concerning the future market value of the financed vehicles. We conduct such value analysis studies for new as well as for second hand rolling stock.

Selected references:

Financial institution, Europe

Appraisal of diesel multiple units to be used in 25 European railway networks in order to assess the reasonableness of the purchasing price and the expected future value patterns of the rolling stock.

International leasing company, Germany

Market attractiveness analysis of German leasing market for locomotives and freight and passenger wagons.

Financial institutions, Europe (multiple projects)

Appraisal of expected value patterns for European diesel and electric locomotives including re-sale forecasts for new and refurbished locomotives, among others for countries in Western Europe, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Manufacturers and financial institutions, Europe (multiple projects)

Potential analysis for new and used freight wagons including appraisal of the potential customer value, financing risk, technical conditions, a market analysis and a plausibility check for the price asked.