In railway business two main product categories exist, transport services and related services on the one hand and capital equipment on the other hand. Latter includes besides rolling stock signalling equipment, train safety and control appliances, hard- and software and the like. The market in all these business fields has changed significantly in recent years due to the regulatory framework (e.g. EU technical specification for interoperability) as well as due to innovative, competitive products. We increase the competitiveness of our clients in this strongly externally influenced market sustainably by adapting the products to customer requirements.

Selected references:

Railway undertaking, worldwide (multiple projects)

Preparation of specification sheets concerning rolling stock orders for railway undertakings and public transport operators, amongst others in Israel, Greece and Western Europe.

International rolling stock manufacturer, Europe

Analysis and assessment of the existing product portfolio, development of an action plan for product adaptation for new markets and target costing for the Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian and Polish market.

Software producer, worldwide

Assessment of the currently available software applications from a customer point of view and recommendations for full market penetration of the markets in Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Railway undertaking, worldwide (multiple projects)

Analysis and appraisal of existing passenger and freight transport services (e.g. single wagon vs. block train), recommendations for product diversification (e.g. complementary services) and product extension (e.g. besides transport also storage and packaging).