The efficiency and effectiveness as well as the control mechanisms of production and planning procedures are a critical success factor in the highly competitive transport market of passenger and freight services. Our clients do not only face intramodal competition with other railway undertakings, but even more important also intermdoal competition with other transport modes. Our analyses are so successful because we appropriately consider rail specific requirements on production and operation procedures. The optimisation of processes requires additionally the incorporation of best practice stemming from other businesses and industries.

Selected references:

Refinery, Romania

Analysis and streamlining of rail logistics processes including development of appropriate software in order to guarantee the necessary efficiency and effectiveness of logistics processes.

Steel work industrial railway, Austria

Process analysis and optimisation in order to compensate capacity restrictions caused by the rail infrastructure by applying improved operational processes.

Chemical production plant industrial railway, Germany

Analysis of loading point operations and introduction of new processes for optimised loading point handling.

Intermodal terminal, Germany

Analysis and adaptation of process in an intermodal terminal in order to overcome capacity restrictions caused by insufficient infrastructure.