Generation and analysis of passenger data and passenger flows has significant importance for our clients operating local and long distance rail passenger services, for public service companies as well as for transport authorities. We record client needs and customer behaviour quantitatively and qualitatively, analyse the data and draw conclusions and recommend actions. The implementation is carried out in the form of optimised timetables, complementary services or improved marketing initiatives and for transport authorities in the form of adaptations of public service contracts respectively.

Selected references:

Passenger railway undertaking, Romania

Extensive interview based quantitative passenger survey targeted at developing new marketing activities, offers, timetables and services.

Passenger railway undertaking, Turkey

Analysis of the existing passenger flows between conurbations on rail, road and by aviation, in order to adapt the rail services to changing passenger flows and customer requirements.

Financial institution, Germany

Plausibility check of forecasted passenger volumes on a long distance corridor for calculating a business case concerning the rolling stock financing.

Methodology for customer surveys, Worldwide

Railistics has developed a successful research methodology for small and medium sized rail networks in transition countries, which allows collecting and determining the required key ratios cost-efficiently.