Collecting cargo flow data helps our clients, which include transport providers as well as planning authorities and ministries, during the decision making process. Transport providers like railway undertakings and transhipment terminals can base their decisions concerning the short and medium term development of products and services on current and forecasted cargo flows. Infrastructure managers adapt their infrastructure medium to long term according to our forecasts of cargo volumes and we support them in identifying the potential on specific corridors.

Selected references:

Research project, Central Europe

Analysis of existing and future intermodal transport flows between Germany, Poland, CzechRepublic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.

Railway undertaking, Romania

Analysis of existing transport flows in order to re-organise the entire workflow management and adaptation of the single wagon and block train business.

Wood transport, Germany

Extension of wood transport on rail by defining loading points on the rail network congruent with the real flow of wood.

Transport ministry, Croatia

Definition of an intermodal action plan based on today’s and forecasted intermodal transport volumes and flows.