Rail transport, the environmentally friendly alternative to other transport modes, is in the focus of national and European transport policies. In this context several national and international funding and subsidy programmes were established. Aid is for example available for starting-up intermodal transport services, for constructing intermodal terminals or for refurbishing private industrial railway infrastructure. The funding application documents have to comply with a variety of requirements in form and content. Our long lasting experience gained by multiple successfully notified applications guarantee an efficient and targeted application process. With our support the organisation of the applicant is not unnecessarily burdened during the application process and the time between application and positive notification can often be significantly shortened.

Selected references:

Transhipment and transport service providers, Germany (multiple projects)

Railistics has already submitted various successful applications to the German rail agency, to the inland navigation authority or other funding bodies.

Russian rail technology corporation, worldwide

Research of funding programmes for erecting new plants in Eastern Europe, in the Arabic and the Asiatic area.

Terminal owner, Germany (multiple projects)

Funding programme research for various investments for bi- and trimodal transhipment facilities.

Forwarding company, Germany

Research of funding possibilities for innovative new rail cargo wagons.