It is the objective of any commercial undertaking to place customer oriented products on the market. We support our clients in all product development stages, beginning with a concept, followed by drafting and designing, production and finally market launch. Product development in all areas of the railway business is indeed an interdisciplinary task involving engineers, business economists, designers and planners. Typical rail specific new developments or enhancements include transport services for passenger and freight, manufacturing or refurbishing of traction units and wagons and infrastructure projects. Besides private business undertakings we consult public bodies in the area of product development, e.g. definition of subsidy programmes or enhancement of innovative public transport services.

Selected references:

International railway technology supplier, Germany

Development of software solutions in order to detect deviations in scheduled international rail freight services at an early stage and to limit the negative consequences effectively.

Turkish logistics company, Europe

Drafting of regular private train services from Turkey to Germany via Eastern Europe including cost simulations and operational scenarios.

Romanian railway undertaking, Europe

Revision of the current single wagon production system in order to shorten the transit times and increase the quality.

German light rail manufacturer, Germany

Survey of the requirements of small and medium sized light rail operators concerning new rolling stock, in order to enable the manufacturer to adapt the existing product for this market segment.