The Western European market for rail vehicles and rail transport stabilised in recent years after deep structural changes during the last decade. On this account our clients, among others manufacturers, operators and service providers like railway forwarding companies and leasing companies, search for new markets, which can mainly be found in Eastern Europe and Asia. However a successful market entry requires extensive preparatory works. Our clients benefit from our versatile strategic offers, like detailed market studies, strategic analyses like SWOT or SLEPT analyses or the Five Forces Model and the preparation of implementable market entry strategies.

Selected references:

German rail component supplier, USA

Development of a market entry strategy for the Northern American locomotive and train control market.

Polish railway undertaking, Romania

Merger and acquisition strategy concerning one or more railway undertakings for a simplified market entry in Romania.

German railway undertaking, Sweden

Analysis and appraisal of appropriate cooperation candidates due to commence of operations towards Scandinavia.

German rail forwarding company, Romania

Market and competition analysis of the national and international rail forwarding market in Romania in order to provide an action plan for the planned market entry.