The railway industry can be grouped into 2 main segments, the business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) market. Latter comprises mainly passenger transport services. We identify for our clients market development opportunities for infrastructure and rolling stock products. The manufacturing industry is characterised by a continuing consolidation process. Unlike the manufacturing industry the market of rail operations, especially for freight services, has become much more competitive. Based on our vast experience in all of these segments we successfully support all market actors in the railway industry not only to react on market trends, but also to actively influence and shape them in their very own interest.

Selected references:

Multi-Client-Study, Europe

Continuous market observation of cost and price developments of rail services in Europe, including infrastructure, rolling stock, labour, energy as well as logistics costs.

Swiss railway undertaking, France

Strategic market research of the French rail freight market and the major transit corridors.

North-American manufacturer of train control devices, South-Eastern Europe

Analysis of the developments in the train protection and control industry in South-Eastern Europe including demand forecasts and recommendation of course of action.

Worldwide rail vehicle manufacturer, Eastern Europe

Market development forecast and action plan for the Eastern European market for new rail vehicles, where sales figures are still poor.