The railway business alters rapidly and sustainably in Germany as well as in other European countries and world wide. The unequally liberalised railway market in many countries bears significant opportunities and chances as well as risks. We project together with you a targeted and substantiated business development so that you can seize the chances and reduce the risks to an acceptable level. This offer is not only applicable to operators of freight and passenger rail services, but also to manufacturers und suppliers, financial service institutions and leasing companies, rail forwarding companies and local public transport operators.

Selected references:

International leasing company, Germany

Appraisal of the leasing potential of passenger coaches for long distance passenger train operating companies in Germany.

Polish railway undertaking, Germany

Screening of national railway undertakings for planned merger with or acquisition of such a company in order to enlarge the operational network of the Polish client.

Polish rail vehicle leasing company, Europe

Analysis of the possible fields of application and forecast of the future demand of specialised freight wagons in Europe.

Germany/international IT-Company, Worldwide

Worldwide market research (et al. with online questionnaire) on the IT requirements of railway undertakings and infrastructure managers and analysis of competitors and competing products in different market segments.