The cargo transport on rail is always only a part of a logistics and value chain. For that reason it is absolutely necessary that the interfaces between rail transport and other activities in the logistics chain are smooth and well managed. The appearance of competition in rail cargo transport forced former state railways to shift from a product oriented to a client oriented approach. The logistic planning phase should incorporate all parts of the logistics and value chain, which may include storage, pre- and post haulage and other transport related services.

Selected references:

Steel Mill, Romania

Strategy for realignment of the logistics of raw (inbound) as well as semi-finished and finished products (outbound) with the target to reduce the dependency on the port of Constanta.

Chemical industry, France

Re-organisation of the limestone transport on rail and preparation of tender documents for the respective services.

Intermodal terminal, Europe (multiple projects)

Setup of logistics chains for container transport taking into consideration the transhipment- as well as the pre- and post-haulage costs.

Chemical logistics provider, Germany

Optimisation of inter - factory logistics on various modes in order to reduce the total logistics costs.