Rolling stock is an important issue for the majority of our clients. Manufacturers, train operating companies, public authorities as well as passengers are interested in efficient and qualitative products. The planning and design of rolling stock has a major impact on the market success of the vehicles, which is not only influenced by the purchasing costs but also by the total expected lifecycle costs. Another important business is the trade with second-hand rail vehicles, which also includes the refurbishing of rolling stock. Besides the common participants in the rail business like manufacturers and railway undertakings we support a growing number of finance institutions and leasing companies in successfully exploiting the market potential.

Selected references:

International manufacturer, worldwide (multiple projects)

Conception and design of rolling stock including the definition of client requirements concerning quality and price.

Railway undertakings, worldwide (multiple projects)

Specification and tendering of rolling stock for railways in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Azerbaijan.

German leasing company, Europe

Assessment of the future applicability and forecast of the fair market value of diesel multiple units in Europe.

Russian rolling stock manufacturer, Europe

Marketing and merchandising of Russian heavy haulage diesel locomotives in Europe.