Repair shops and depots are for most of our clients still an integral part of their business. As a result of the liberalisation in the rail business our clientele grew by several private service providers, which are involved in light as well as in heavy maintenance. The location within the rail network and the infrastructure and processes within the repair shops are very important for the attractiveness of the market offer. An integrated optimization, which starts with warehousing and supply logistics, via planning and allocation of work places to the point of invoicing is essential for sustainable success in this competitive business.

Selected references:

Private rail work shop, Austria

Optimization of work shop processes including the development of a software and improvements in warehousing in order to increase the capacity of the workshop without major construction work.

Regional railway undertaking, Germany

Implementation of a maintenance and storage management system in order to increase the efficiency of operational processes.

State railway, Israel

Strategic location decision of depots and maintenance facilities due to the extension of the network and the increasing number of vehicles.

Electric locomotive maintenance and aircraft servicing (C-Check), Germany

Benchmarking of maintenance processes in workshops between a rolling stock maintenance service company and an airline.