Our clients build or operate railway lines, stations, terminals and bridges, as well as electric power supply assets. In addition typical railway infrastructure comprises workshops, depots and yards. Railway infrastructure has a very long life cycle which can easily exceed 100 years. We know that the design of infrastructure has strong influence on the maintenance costs and operational performance on the infrastructure. Additionally the operational quality and the utilization ratio of assets are determined by the infrastructure layout.

Selected references:

Infrastructure Manager, Romania

Planning of infrastructure on the reference corridor Bucharest – Constanta with regard to operations and rolling stock efficiency.

Industrial railway, Europe (multiple projects)

Infrastructure adaptation targeted to optimize operations and processes taking into account financial and geographical constraints.

Local transport operator, Abu Dhabi

Planning and drawing of electric equipment and conductors for underground passenger stations.

Railway undertakings and manufacturers, Europe (multiple projects)

Analysis of track- and station infrastructure in order to assess the allowable characteristics of trains and equipment (e.g. maximum train length, gross weight and load per axle).