The successful product development is a core competence of our clients, which compete in such a dynamic and volatile market like the transport market. The product development cycles don’t correspond any longer with the life cycle of the products, so that the long term planning of the total system has become more complex. Good examples are the appearance of affordable multi-system locomotives or the implementation of ETCS for improved train control. Railistics knows the current technological developments from both sides, from the view of the manufacturer as well as from the view of the transport service providers.

Selected references:

Germany light rail manufacturer, Europe

Definition of the requirements of small and medium sized light rail operators concerning new rolling stock.

Food forwarder, Germany and Italy

Assessment of possible transport arrangements in order to react on the changed requirements of the customer in Italy without having to shift the transport to road and without having to increase the transport prices.

Multiple clients, Worldwide

Product development for avoiding the “last mile” problem at terminals and transhipment installations (e.g. assessment of technical and commercial opportunities and risks of hybrid vehicles).

Railway undertakings and terminals, Europe

New development or extension of transport and train services including a forecast of the commercial potential and a simulation of costs and revenues.