The efficient use of areas not only regarding production facilities but also for logistics purpose is crucial for successful settlements of industries. Freight villages for the transhipment of volumes from one mode of transport to others will become more important. Political support is depending on a sustainable planning of facilities and areas.

Railistics evaluates logistics facilities and develops concepts for locations, not only for freight transport but also for passenger stations and manufacturers.

Selected references:

Rolling Stock Manufactoring, Germany

Several production facilities became redundant in the last years in Eastern Germany. To define new development strategies and new functions on a railway oriented site was the goal of this project.

Freight villages, Europe

The development of freight villages as concept and the optimization of infrastructure facilities including railway and transhipment all over Europe have been a major focus of Railistics. In France, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania and Turkey Railistics optimized structures and improved services or raised funding opportunities.

Chemical Industry, Germany

The basis for an outsourcing or insourcing of logistics activities on rail for an industrial railway was prepared by Railistics.

Railwy Company, Israel

The optimization of locations for the maintenance of rolling stock regarding the new fleet.