Transport activities have positive and negative effects on the national economy of each country. Especially investments in transport infrastructure tie up capital, which is hence not available for other projects. In this respect it is absolutely necessary to conduct a detailed benefit cost analysis including all positive and negative external effects but without losing track of the superior strategic objective. We know the costs and economic effects of such investments and thus are able to perform very detailed benefits cost analyses.

Selected references:

EU, Corridor Rotterdam – Genoa

Comprehensive benefit cost analysis on the implementation of ETCS level 1 and ETCS level 2 (European Train Control System) on the corridor Rotterdam – Genoa.

Freight Villages - Europe

Cost-benefit-analysis of alternative locations for rail-freight and logistics business, incl. the analysis of the profitability of investments in rail infrastructure and transhipment facilities.

Port Railways - Europe

Analysis of the existing and of planned port railway infrastructure and port railway operations regarding costs and benefits in future container transport business.

Logistics Provider for Chemical Industry, Germany

Cost-Benefit-Analysis for the procurement of new traction equipment licensed to provide services for regional and long distance transport.