Restructuring of state railways is always a special challenge for us. The restructuring processes are normally triggered by the compulsory separation of infrastructure and operations, but also increasing public funding requirements or stagnating transport volumes might be reasons. Restructuring normally takes place on all levels. New business units (e.g. passenger and freight transport) have to be established, administrative procedures have to be adapted and improved, operations have to be reorganised and economic potential for optimisation has to be capitalised. Besides former state railways we have also supported private railways in their restructuring efforts. Both types of railways typically greatly benefit from restructuring.

Selected references:

EU, Turkey

Preparation of the restructuring of the state railway TCDD into passenger transport business unit, freight transport business unit, traction and haulage business unit, infrastructure business unit and service business unit and drafting of the business plans for each unit.

EU, Croatia

Drafting of a railway law aiming to restructure the state railway HZ and drafting of a law to open up the railway market in Croatia.

EU, Romania

Restructuring of the former state railway into Marfa (freight transport), Calatori (passenger transport) and CFR (infrastructure manager).

Private railway undertaking, Romania

Restructuring after completion of the rather uncoordinated start up phase in order to implement a sustainable organisational structure and implementation of appropriate controlling tools.