In all organisations processes are determined by the organisational structure, by the operational structure and by the flow of information. Especially former state railways still suffer from old structures, which do not satisfy modern logistic requirements. Rail reforms in the last decade have changed this situation in some respects, but especially in international transport organisational weaknesses are still persistent. Besides internal processes and structures interfaces to other transport companies are essential. Railistics knows these organisational requirements for efficient transport transactions and for the improvement of internal procedures.

Selected references:

EU, Turkey

Definition of a new organisational structure in order to improve and ensure a sustainable rail transport and to achieve non-discriminatory access to the rail infrastructure.

Private Railway Undertaking, Romania

Analysis of the existing internal and external processes and structures and definition of an action plan for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of procedures.

Workshop, Worldwide (multiple projects)

Improvement of the production processes by optimisation of the organisational and operational structure in depots, workshops and word yards.

Infrastructure Manager, Europe (multiple projects)

Analysis and adaptation of timetable planning processes, capacity calculations methods and dispatching procedures.