The operational concepts developed by Railistics’experts are an important success factor for our clients, for heavy rail as well as for other railway systems. The operational concept has a bearing on quality and stability of transport services and on the efficiency of resources. The design of an optimal operational concept requires interdisciplinary skills. Typical influencing factors are the type, capacity and layout of the infrastructure and rolling stock, the kind and quantity of cargo or the number of passengers respectively and the interface to other processes. The implementation of an intelligent operational concept is indeed an interdisciplinary task. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team we have implemented several very successful operational concepts.

Selected references:

Terminals, worldwide (multiple projects)

Design and implementation of operational concepts for transport and transhipment for several bi- and trimodal terminals.

Industrial railways, Europe (multiple projects)

Development of new operational procedures targeted to optimise the operational processes and minimize the resource commitment.

Private railway undertaking, Romania

Re-organisation of the operations in order increase flexibility and optimise asset utilisation at the same time.

Rail vehicle manufacturer, Europe

Scenario analysis for researching which vehicle type achieves the best output under different operational concepts.