Marketing can be defined as identifying, anticipating or inducing and satisfying customer needs. The typical marketing mix of our clients comprises the product itself, the pricing policy, the communication approach and distribution. The marketing mix for long distance passenger services looks for example as follows: The service offer can be segmented into high speed trains, IC/EC, ordinary long distance trains and night trains, the pricing can either be distance based or demand based (Yield Management), the communication can be focused on existing or new clients and the distribution channels for tickets can be internet based or via the ticket counter.

Selected references:

State railway, Turkey

Definition of a marketing strategy for passenger and freight services in the course of the establishment of medium term business plans.

Passenger railway undertaking, Romania

Conduction of a quantitative market analysis and definition of target-oriented and segment-specific marketing activities, implementation of new products.

Russian manufacturer, Europe

Supporting the market penetration in Western Europe and organising marketing activities (e.g. trade shows).

Western European manufacturer, Eastern Europe

Elaboration of an action plan for targeted marketing activities in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia based on expert interviews and discussions with decision makers in the respective countries.