The financial management and controlling of (former) state railways and public transport organisations has become a top-priority. Only a detailed cost calculation achieves the level of transparency which is necessary to successfully manage and control transport organisations. The various controlling tools and techniques allow assessing strategic as well as operational decisions and supporting them by appropriate financial key ratios. The success of private train operators is closely linked to the fact that they exactly know their cost structure and that they are able to precisely forecast the commercial implications of any decision.

Selected references:

Private railway undertaking, Romania

Improving the controlling tools by implementing a detailed cost type, costs centre and cost unit calculation and by establishing a customised performance measurement system. 

EU, Turkey

Introduction of a new Financial Management Information System including the necessary IT platform.

Manufacturer, Europe

Assessment of the effects of various financing techniques on the purchasing decision of railways and drafting of recommendations for reducing the financing costs influenceable by the manufacturer (e.g. residual value guarantee).

Port railway, Germany

Implementing a stimulating access charging system for the port rail infrastructure based on available finance- and controlling figures.